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How to choose the right color and style for your vinyl fencing

When you’re choosing a fence style, it’s important to think about what you want your fence to do and what your goals are for your outdoor space. Vinyl fencing companies offer three styles of vinyl fence, each with its own benefits.

Picket Vinyl Fence

Picket fences are a timeless choice and bring classic charm to your yard or garden. You can use a picket fence to accentuate a part of your yard, divide one section of the yard from another, or mark the lines of your property. This fence also works equally well in the front or the back yard.

A drawback to some picket fences is that one side can look different from the other (depending on where the pickets are fastened). Three picket options with routed-through pickets are available, so you don’t have to choose a side to face your house and another to face the neighbors—because both sides look the same! Picket fencing comes in 6-foot heights and can be used to enclose your property.

Privacy Vinyl Fence

If you want to close off your backyard and create a retreat, this is the fence that will suit the purpose. A privacy fence is high, with no space between pickets, so it blocks others’ views.

For people who want privacy in their outdoor living space, this fence is the top choice. The privacy fence is ideal for houses that are close together because it provides separation cutting down on visibility. It’s also ideal for a yard with a pool, as it gives your family privacy while swimming helping to keep unwanted visitors away from the pool.

How-to-choose-the-right-color-and- style-for-your-vinyl-fencing

Yard Vinyl Fence

Sometimes called semi-privacy, these yard fences have gaps between pickets and feel slightly more open than a privacy fence, but more secure than a picket. If you think a privacy fence might make you feel too closed off, but you still want a sense of seclusion, a yard fence could be your best choice.

You can use yard fences to enclose a pool area (again, always check your local pool code before installing) or to help secure your backyard.

Post and Rail Fence

Post and rail fence is the fence you envision when you think of a farm or a ranch. If you want a rustic look to surround a large property or field, a post and rail fence is a classic way to do it.

Post and rail provide clear sightlines but creates a clear boundary. It can also be used as an attractive accent fence. Superior’s vinyl post and rail fence are safe for animals.

Once you know the vinyl fence styles, the next step is choosing the right color.

Whether you like the classic white or something new and eye-catching, you’ll find it with Wesco Vinyl Fence. Here are some of the most popular vinyl fence colors we install:

White — white vinyl looks good with both dark and light-colored houses. White fences will attract some dirt over time, so you’ll have to hose them off once a year.

Tan — tan fencing looks fantastic matching tan-colored vinyl siding, as well as providing a contract to the grey-colored siding.

Gray — A cool and modern vinyl fence color to consider, gray fencing is becoming a popular choice for homeowners. Gray panels are often used alongside white posts and frames for a multi-dimensional style.

Wood Grain — If the rustic look is for you, this is the vinyl fence color you want.

If you’re looking for a color motif and you don’t find it here, ask us. We can find something or recommend a perfect alternative.