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How do vinyl wall extensions work?

The installation of a vinyl wall extension is unique. Installation is guaranteed for a lifetime as well as materials. There are over 20 styles and hues of vinyl wall extensions.

You will never have to worry about cutting your greenery in order to paint the extension– it will always look fresh and marvelous for years while granting you with privacy in your property.

Vinyl wall extensions are maintenance-free and will not rot, crack, chip, peel or fade. It can also be used in a variety of configurations. Vinyl wall extensions are an opportunity to get creative and add an exceptional element to your courtyard.

Vinyl wall extensions are made to last in extreme weather conditions. They can resist excessive heat and do not discolor, fade or warp. Wall extensions give you and your family the privacy needed for your backyard and house.

Installation of vinyl wall extension does not require brackets and screws, which makes the installation process faster and efficient. We can install wall extension fences in no time so you can enjoy the new look quickly, without going through the excruciating construction process.

These fences are made from a durable material that is robust and can withstand the usual weather conditions.

Wesco Vinyl Fence vinyl wall extension does not attract termites, so it reduces the costs of pesticides. Additionally, it can withstand water and can be washed without fearing water damage. The fences are interlocked with each other that reduces the chances of fences being pulled out easily. These fences are stronger than the average wooden fence and have a much longer shelf life.

We have a variety of wall extension styles accessible for your unique design ideas. The beauty, strength, and durability of your new wall extension from Wesco Vinyl Fence Company, will be the last vinyl wall extension you will ever need for your property!

Call or come to see how our considerate, qualified professionals can help you find exactly what you need, so you can make a staunch and cognizant decision.