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Nowadays, vinyl fences are a worthy alternative to wood fences, they are one of the most modern, fast-built and economical fencing options. The price of vinyl fences is much lower and a wide selection of design options and the possibility of combining with other materials made them the most popular and beautiful option for fencing the territory.

Wesco Vinyl Fence Company in Newport Beach offers vinyl fencing with a configuration of any possible complexity and various heights. Coloring and design are selected according to the taste of the customer. You will definitely receive professional assistance in the installation of vinyl fences. For many years, specialists of Wesco Vinyl Fence have successfully installed vinyl fences in Newport Beach.

Why choose us?

  • 20 years of successful work in the fence market;
  • Low prices and discounts;
  • The high functionality of designs;
  • Prompt order fulfillment.

The sale, design, fabrication, and installation of vinyl fences occupy a key place in the activities of Wesco Vinyl Fence. Vinyl products are one of the most convenient and affordable options for equipping private, public and other territories. You can appreciate the variety of products available by examining the contents of our catalog.

A rich palette of shades of vinyl fences is available. In order to get these beautiful products, contact our staff!


The advantages of vinyl fences:

  • 25 years – the minimum service life of vinyl fences;
  • Vinyl does not require painting and processing with protective compounds;
  • The materials used comply with environmental requirements;
  • The design solution for products has a modern style.

Making a choice in favor of Wesco Vinyl Fence Company in Newport Beach, you get time, effort and money savings. We provide an integrated approach to the creation, installation, and design of vinyl products.

Do you need a new vinyl fence, vinyl gates, vinyl patio covers, vinyl pergolas, vinyl decks, vinyl pool fences, and vinyl wall extension? Contact us, we handle even the most challenging project.