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Top 10 Questions To Ask Your Local Fence Contractor Before Hiring Them

Before you hire a fence contractor for the job, you must make sure they’re qualified. By asking these questions beforehand, you can make sure you’re hiring the best team for the job. Start your search with these 10 questions!

Top-10-Questions-To-Ask-Your- Local-Fence-Contractor-Before- Hiring-Them
  1. How much will it cost? Ensure they itemize all costs, so you know where the money is going on the project. Do not agree with anything until all is clear and you know how much money you will spend.
  2. How long will It take? Write it down in the contract so the contractor can’t squirm out of any promised dates.
  3. If a contractor is top-class and has a line of top jobs behind them, then they will be happy to obtain a reference for you. Follow up on the reference and even take a look at their previous jobs.
  4. Can I see prior work? A reliable fence company should be happy to share examples of past projects with you. If they do quality work, they won’t try to hide it.
  5. Do you carry insurance? Check on this before hiring anyone.
  6. How long has your company been in business under its current name? When you’re getting into the process of hiring a fence contractor, you must dig deep to get an idea of the potential contractor’s business history. Ideally, you must choose a company with a positive track record and a professional history of at least 5 years, unless you know the contractor personally. Read about the pros and cons of hiring a vinyl fencing contractor in our article.
  7. When is the payment required? Do you require a deposit? First, make sure that you are clear on the payment terms before work begins, and second, make sure that you are satisfied with the job before rendering the final payment.
  8. Will the owner or foreman of the fence company be present during the job? If you have a small residential job, you may want to hire a small, neighborhood business, where the owner or foreman has time to come out and make sure your job goes smoothly and is completed in a timely manner.
  9. How should the fence be maintained when you have finished the job? There are specific things that can be done for each type of fence in order to make it last longer. Just be sure to ask your contractor what they would recommend for your particular fence.
  10. What is your installation warranty? Your warranty will ultimately depend on factors such as the fence material, the manufacturer, and the contractor.