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Wesco Vinyl Fence Company has been providing Southern Californians with vinyl fencing since the early 2000s. We guarantee a lifetime warranty on all of our products, which include vinyl fences, vinyl gates, vinyl patio covers, vinyl pergolas, vinyl decks, and vinyl wall extension. Our company specializes in design, fabrication, and installation of vinyl fences. We have the goal of providing you with the best service, products, and experience within the  Los Angeles area.

So why should you choose vinyl fencing? If you have noticed, vinyl fencing in Los Angeles is very popular among homeowners and property owners. This is because it has many advantages over traditional fence materials, like wood and metal. Vinyl fencing can be adapted to suit all of your privacy needs. Especially in Los Angeles, we see various types of houses and properties in different locations, which either need complete privacy or don’t need as much of it. Wesco Vinyl Fences offers privacy and perimeter fences which you can fully customize; as well as ranch railing and patio fences for smaller projects. You have complete control over your fencing, and our team will work with you, to make sure all your concerns are resolved and you get the best product.

Benefits of Vinyl Fences Los Angeles

Vinyl fencing is very versatile. Vinyl can be easily customized into various shapes, textures, heights. Additionally, you can color it to your preference, so it suits your home and provides an overall aesthetic appeal. Vinyl is flexible, extremely durable and strong. No wonder it is highly prefered by Los Angeles inhabitants. It can withstand the Los Angeles climate; the wind, the rain, the heat and the humidity.

Because vinyl is a synthetic material, it is immune to many conditions that wood and metal are susceptible to. For example, unlike its counterparts, vinyl will not rot, peel, or get infested with pests because of weather.  In terms of maintenance, vinyl is arguably the easiest material to maintain. It does not require routine checkups like other fences, and it can easily be washed down with water.

Overall, vinyl fencing is very affordable. If you take into account maintenance costs combined with the cost of the fence itself, you will end up with large savings throughout the years. Vinyl’s counterparts, like composite, steel, and wood, have higher maintenance costs and can adopt quality issues within their lifespans. Depending on the damage to the material, you could end up spending a fortune to fix these issues. The good news is, that with vinyl fencing, you can make your property look attractive, and simultaneously increase its value.

Vinyl fences are easy to install, so you have complete freedom over your home’s appearance.
Our team of professionals is looking forward to working with you and giving you the best fencing as well as the best experience. We are located in North Hollywood, and we are ready to take up your fencing project in Los Angeles. Our company believes in providing superior quality within its service and its product range.

We offer FREE consultations for your vinyl fencing project. Call us now and set up an appointment.