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Outdoor Privacy Creative Solutions

With a wall, shrubs or fence, you can add some much-needed privacy to your pool or spa area. Maybe you’re seeking a private space for a backyard retreat or a patio, deck or balcony. An outdoor privacy screen gives you personal space away from the view of neighbors or passers-by. Check out this article on creative solutions to gain privacy in your backyard or outdoor living space.

Vinyl Sculpture Fence

This is definitely not your grandma’s fence. While this was made by sculptors who are skilled masters, it serves as a reminder of what can be created with vinyl materials.

Rough on the Outside

You can achieve a weathered look to a fence by painting it white, then black, then sanding-down the black to pick up the high spots of the wood in white.


A fountain is not only a visual treat for you but the running water is great to drown out unwanted noise. It’s a great addition to any yard when you need a little quiet time mostly if you live next to a busy street.

Living Wall

You may already have a tall fence surrounding your backyard for privacy. Add a touch of natural style to your fence by transforming a portion of it into a living wall. Use it to create a natural sitting area or simply add elegance to your backyard. Consult with a landscape designer to find the style and plant choice best suited for your backyard design.


Container Plants

Potted plants and clumping bamboo can be placed in your yard surrounded by a raised deck to also give you privacy. This can be pricey and may require a little creativity but nonetheless beautiful!


Hedges are another great natural option to consider in place of individual trees, bushes, and shrubbery. You can line your property with a single, tall hedge for a simple, natural privacy fence.

Pergolas with Panels

A pergola with panels is also a fantastic design for some added privacy. Moreover, it gives your backyard an intimate feeling.

Bushes, shrubs, and trees

A line of well-placed trees, bushes, or shrubs can provide a natural wall of privacy for your outdoor spaces. Natural greens are known for having a calming effect which makes them perfect for your personal backyard oasis. Again, consult with your landscape designer to integrate natural walls into your overall landscape design.