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The product range offered at Wesco Vinyl Fences includes privacy fences, perimeter fences, patio fences, and ranch railing. Our products are customizable to the preferences and needs of the client. But why should you settle for vinyl fencing? Vinyl fences are stronger than conventional materials for fences. Maintenance is also very easy with this type of fence. Below, you will find a description of each of our products.

Privacy Fences

If you are looking for security and seclusion, then privacy fences are for you. This type of vinyl fencing will add a layer of protection to your home, be that from neighbours or passerby. Privacy vinyl fences are taller, compared to other types, and don’t have open spaces within them. The obvious benefit of privacy fences is, of course, your security and the seclusion of your home perimeter. However, there are many more that you can add to this list. A privacy fence can be a good barrier from bad weather, sheltering from strong winds, for example. If you are a pet owner, you won’t have to worry about your animal running away. You will also be able to maintain boundaries with your neighbors. In this case, you won’t bother them, and they won’t bother you.

Perimeter fences

Vinyl fences in Los Angeles are very popular, especially perimeter fences. Perimeter fences have small open spaces within them. Despite not having the element of seclusion and complete privacy, perimeter fences will act as a deterrent for unauthorized entry into your space. Perimeter fencing will also elevate the look of your estate, be that your own house or a more commercial type of property. Since these are vinyl fences, you are guaranteed very durable and strong fences, that will improve your overall security measures.

Ranch Rail

This type of fencing is usually shorter in height. Ranch rail fences are perfect for rural property owners. If you have a farm with large animals, for example, this type of fencing is perfect for keeping your animals at bay. Because the rails are made from vinyl, this will ensure that your animals cause minimum damage to the fence. Vinyl is strong and durable; stronger than wood- which is most commonly used for this type of fencing.

If you are looking to put a fence around your property, look no further than Wesco Vinyl Fences. We offer various types of vinyl fencing for any type of client and property. You can choose among privacy fencing, perimeter fencing, patio fencing, and ranch railing. Our fences are customizable to your taste. We provide FREE consultations for your vinyl fencing project. Our team of professionals is looking forward to working with you and giving you the best fencing as well as the best experience. Call now and set up an appointment.