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Get the Sweet Sense of Privacy With Our Vinyl Wall Extensions

Are you looking to bring a more homely look to your backyard? It’s time to think about vinyl wall extensions. One of the most important factors that make us feel at home is a sense of privacy. And you can get that with your private outdoors. Vinyl wall extensions increase the height of your existing block wall.

Since you already have a block wall adding vinyl to the top is very easy. And if you’re thinking about rebuilding block wall footings, let me stop you here. Firstly, with the latter, you have to pay extra for engineering. Secondly, you will go through a construction process which is never pleasant. And lastly, it just won’t look as good as with a vinyl wall topper. Therefore, the easiest option for you is vinyl wall extensions. They also give your house a complete look. Let’s learn some more.

Vinyl Perimeter Fence, Vinyl Pool Fence, Vinyl Wall Extensions

No construction headache

Going through a process of construction in your backyard while also living in the house can be tough. If you have any children you wouldn’t want them to breath all the dust and bring the dirt into the house with them every time they enter. The great news is that with our vinyl wall extensions you don’t have to go through the contraction headache. With our interlocking system the whole process of the vinyl wall topper installation will be quick and painless. And usually, it doesn’t take longer than two days. Want to learn more about the installation process?

Vinyl wall extensions installation process

It comes us a surprise that the installation process of vinyl wall extensions is very unique: no post base, no screws and brackets. They are all internal, hence, invisible. So you get the idea, that there won’t be any visible hardware that might bother you or take away the nice finish of your wall.

With that in mind, the whole vinyl wall extension installation process is well organized, logical and very fast. Take a look at our vinyl wall extensions with their different styles. They all can be adapted easily to your existing wall. All you have to do is simply pick a style to match the overall looks and feels of your house.

Moreover, with vinyl wall extensions your mind can be put to easy. You will not experience any water stains, chipping, cracking, peeling or rotting. Termites will also not be your problem. What’s left to know is that you will get a warrant of a lifetime not only for the materials of your vinyl block wall extensions but also for the installation.

Vinyl Privacy Fence, Vinyl Wall Extensions

How to maintain your vinyl block extension

Whether you’re experiencing excessive heat or snowstorms, our vinyl block extensions are designed to last in extreme weather conditions.

Besides getting complete privacy in your backyard you also want your neighbors to be amazed by your house and its surroundings. Our block wall toppers will do the job of giving your house an attractive touch.

So go ahead and choose from our vinyl wall extensions the one that fits your needs and style. With complete privacy, you can enjoy being outdoors with your family and not worry about anything. Contact us to get your Los Angeles vinyl wall extensions.