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Vinyl fencing is very versatile. Vinyl can be easily customized into various shapes, textures, heights. Additionally, you can color it to your preference, so it suits your home and provides an overall aesthetic appeal. Vinyl is flexible, extremely durable and strong. No wonder that it is highly preferred by San Gabriel Valley inhabitants. It can withstand the Los Angeles climate: to the wind, rain, heat, and humidity.

Wesco Vinyl Fence Company was established in the 2000s. Over the years, the company has taken one of the leading places in the market of San Gabriel Valley, and far beyond.

Highly professional employees of our company are engaged in the design and installation of vinyl fences. In order to have a guarantee of strength and durability, the whole complex of work is carried out in several stages, at each in compliance with all technological requirements.

You can receive additional information by phone or place an online application.

Despite the use of high-tech equipment, we carry out service at affordable prices. We strive to ensure that customers with limited financial resources could install high-quality vinyl fencing at their summer cottages and private plots.


Thus, you can not only purchase a fence but also get professional installation services from our specialists. We provide the following services: design and installation of:

  • vinyl fences;
  • vinyl gates;
  • vinyl patio covers;
  • vinyl pergolas;
  • vinyl decks;
  • vinyl pool fences;
  • vinyl wall extension.

Wesco Vinyl Fence in San Gabriel Valley is constantly improving the level of service. Highly qualified personnel allows us to complete an order of any complexity, efficiently and in the shortest possible time. We try to find a personal approach to each client and are personally responsible for the result.

All our masters are responsible for their duties and have extensive experience: regularly undergo training and internships.

We use only modern tools, materials and installation techniques for the construction of vinyl fences.

Stable and efficient work is the key to our common success!