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Wesco Vinyl fence is a top company that offers vinyl decking in Los Angeles. We design long lasting and highly durable decks for outdoor patios, walkways, balconies and rooftops. Wesco Vinyl Fence is a trusted company with excellent customer service and long-term experience in this field. We use the best quality materials and take pride in providing a lifetime warranty on vinyl decks we install.

In recent years decking has become a must-have component for any property. The functional open area is the ultimate place to enjoy your breakfast and evening coffee. Hosting outdoor parties and enjoying family get-togethers will become a common happening once you install your own deck.  

So why do we recommend vinyl material for your deck? It is the most cost-effective and low-maintenance option and the ultimate choice for the LA climate. No wonder, so many people opt for vinyl decking in Los Angeles nowadays.

All-season resistant

Vinyl deck is resistant to extreme weather conditions. It ideally stands up the changeable weather of Los Angeles. Vinyl material doesn’t build up ice in winter months thanks to its slip-resistant feature and it never absorbs water in rainy weather. Moreover, it is also fade-resistant and you will forget about sanding and staining forever.

Highly durable

Decks from vinyl last as long as you own your house thanks to the fact that they never warp, crack or splinter. This is the outdoor decking option that lasts forever since cracking, rotting, decaying or decomposing are not usual happenings for this material.

Almost no maintenance

If you are replacing the existing deck with a vinyl one than you are definitely tired of frequent dirt and dust around your property. This is the most versatile and easy to clean material available. You’ll forget about staining and refinishing your outdoor area for many years to come. You don’t even need to clean it up with chemical products. Some cleaning with soap and water is enough to keep it always clean.

A large array of styles and colours

Vinyl decks come in many colours and patterns. One of the main reasons vinyl decking is so trendy nowadays is that it can imitate different materials and even give the feel and look of real wood. Thus, the functional area will definitely enhance your property’s outdoor decor and increase its value. In addition, the installation process is quick and easy.

Available prices

The good thing about vinyl decking is that it requires a low upfront cost. Besides, there are low ongoing maintenance costs and your decking will serve you for a really long time.

Installing your new vinyl deck

Are you ready to discuss your vinyl decking project? No more waiting, call us today!. At Wesco Vinyl Fence Company, we will be happy to address any of your questions and concerns. Our quality workmanship will discuss your needs and offer the best option of the vinyl deck that will suit well to your taste and lifestyle.

We offer a FREE consultation for your vinyl decking project. Call us now and set up an appointment.