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8 Vinyl Fence Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

Have you heard plenty of myths about vinyl fences? Let’s take a look at 8 vinyl fence myths you shouldn’t believe and learn everything about this durable, versatile fencing option.

Will vinyl fence burn?

The flashpoint of the vinyl fence does not easily combust as it is nearly 900 degrees Fahrenheit and is even considered “self-extinguishing.”

Is vinyl fence resistant to graffiti?

Graffiti washes off vinyl fence very easily with just a little soap, water and a sponge. Some cases could require a power washer, or you can use paint thinner in extreme cases.

Will vinyl fence break?

Vinyl fence is very durable and versatile, mostly can break if there is some sort of direct impact. If you use a vinyl fence normally and it is installed properly, vinyl fence will not break. If there is any direct impact, pickets and posts are damaged, you can easily replace them.

8-vinyl- fence -myths- you- shouldn't- believe

How long does vinyl fence last?

Unlike wood or chain link, vinyl fencing will last you a lifetime. It will not disintegrate, corrode or get warped. Your vinyl fence may lose a little sheen over the years.

Is vinyl fencing maintenance-free?

Vinyl fence requires little maintenance. Characteristically, the only maintenance required is hosing dirt off the fence once a year. A hose, a sponge and water are probably the easiest ways to help in this job.

Will vinyl fence turn yellow?

Vinyl fence will not turn yellow as it contains materials, which prevents discoloration.

Will vinyl fence split, peel, decay or split off?

Unlike other fencing types, you do not have to worry about any distortion of a vinyl fence. Its chemical makeup gives it a hard outer shell that protects its color and stops any splitting, peeling or cracking process.

Is vinyl fence bad for the environment?

Many homeowners think that vinyl products are naturally bad for the environment and that wood or other materials are more environmentally friendly. But in truth, vinyl is one of the “greenest” materials you can use for your fencing project.

Vinyl takes little energy and resources to produce, which means it can be made more cheaply than wood or metal fences. It doesn’t require you to cut down trees! Since vinyl fences last longer than wood fences, they also require less maintenance. And finally, vinyl is fully recyclable, your vinyl fence won’t end up in a landfill; it will just become part of something else.