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6 Tips For Installing a Vinyl Fence

Installing your own vinyl fence will give you entire control. Nevertheless, a DIY job demands arrangement and accuracy, you’ll build a fence like a professional if you comply with these 6 tips for installing a vinyl fence.

Tips for installing a vinyl fence

Check the zoning law

Your fence must meet your city’s demands before installing it. Cities have fence zoning laws on their website, so find your city’s laws and start preparations!

Inform your neighbor about your plans

You and your neighbor share the property line. It’s a perfect idea to keep that partnership in good spirits, so let your neighbors know about your plans. That means more privacy for both of you. So you’d let them know about your plans.


Look after the ground

Clear the area in which you plan to install the vinyl fence. Dig up and move or dispose of any plants, including weeds and brushwood. Contact your local utility company or call 811 to ask about gas lines, water pipes, or other infrastructure that might run underneath the area.

Set up and secure

Put up the vinyl panels between the posts. Secure the posts with concrete and/or gravel so they can stand up to heavy winds, rains, and other ecological conditions. Some manufacturers recommend a certain type of concrete or a concrete and gravel mixture, so read the instructions carefully.

Use a level after each setting so you don’t get off track. An uneven fence not only looks sloppy, but it also complicates the installation process.

Don’t paint the fence

Vinyl was made to be pretty much maintenance-free. That is why it is so popular amongst homeowners today. In fact, it would be surprising if you didn’t decide on vinyl: it’s maintenance-free.

However, it has pros and cons. The downside – you should be stuck with the color you chose in the beginning. There are various colors to choose from, but you can’t change the color once the fence it up.

However, if you can’t paint your fence, neither can anyone else. If your fence is vandalized or unintentionally spotted up with paint, a dab of cleaner will definitely take it off.

Following and remembering these useful tips will ensure a properly installed vinyl fence.

Don’t install your panels to tight

Make sure you don’t install your panels to tight together. Vinyl needs room to move. Installing the panels too tightly, causes the vinyl to be restricted, which will result in your fence giving that ribbon effect. You will begin to see dips and bends in the panels.

Choosing decorative elements for your fence

Just like with many other materials, there are many choices of decorative accents that can be added to vinyl fencing. If you want to add privacy to the height of your vinyl fencing system, you may want to appreciate transom accents and lattice features that can be added to the top of the fence sections.

If you need lighting for outdoor living spaces and landscaping, consider supplementing light accents to the post caps of your vinyl fencing system.