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Top 7 Fence-Loving Plants

Garden fencing is a peculiar way of creating boundaries and offering safety and privacy, but depending on the design of your garden, the fencing can look a bit crude and unattractive.

Fence-loving and climbing plants will be the perfect solution to add tinge and texture into your yard which will not take up much ground space, will add height, and create more natural protection. Also, it’s very affordable compared to other options you can do in your garden which can cost more.


Top 7 fence-loving plants

Cream Pea Vine

Pea vines, also known as the Common Vetchling, are sweet pea-like climbing plants with saturated green foliage and creamy florescence. But when you decide to choose this fence-loving plant, take caution: every part of the plant is poisonous, so if you have inquisitive kids or pets, this might not be appropriate for your yard.

Wisteria Vines

There are many varieties of wisteria vines. The Kentucky Wisteria will be the perfect choice for your yard. Although these beautiful flowers are renowned, it likes throttling the surrounding plants and take over the garden. Make sure to stay watchful with your pruning.


Are you looking for marvelous foliage, flamboyant flowers, and fence-climbing aptitude? The magnificent honeysuckle will be the perfect choice for you. Honeysuckle has saturated green leaves, a dulcet fragrance, and glorious coral-colored flowers. This is the perfect climber plant for your garden with minimal care.

Morning Glories

How can you not be touched by morning glories? These friendly vines are the perfect fence plant, as they are subtle and indicate a wide array of jewel-tone colors. These plants are simply grown from seed or you can pick up them from a garden centre.


If you choose this magnificent fence-loving vine, you’ll get the opportunity to marvel with bright star-shaped flowers all season. There are many Clematis varieties that grow in the U.S., so you have plenty of hues to choose from.

Highbush Blueberries

Highbush blueberries don’t climb, but the dark violet berries will add charm to your fence. Blueberries are a perfect addition to any garden, they add height and depth to the perimeter while supplying you or the birds of your garden with the appetizing fruit all summer long.

Virginia Creeper

If you want a vine to overlay your fence, but you can’t decide which vine to choose, try the Virginia creeper, which will turn your backyard into the flamboyant place. This vine is fast-growing. It has deep purple tint, and turns green in summer, and end with a superb manifestation of fall colors.

When designing your backyard garden and fence, don’t forget to intermingle your fence into your landscape by planting these fence-loving vines and flowers.