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6 Vinyl Fence Extension Styles For privacy

Vinyl fence extensions can provide additional height and security on your fence. This is a cost-effective and practical way to intercalate the value and efficacy of your property. Fence extensions can be made to all types of fences, including vinyl fences. Vinyl fence extensions can strengthen the existing fence.

Fence extensions are intended for those clients who want their fences to be a little higher. If you’re looking for added security or want a pet or a kid not to leave the fence, vinyl fencing extensions can be the option.

Vinyl fence extensions are available in a variety of different styles to correspond with fences. Wesco Vinyl Fence Company is proud to make vinyl fencing extensions that fit with all types of fences, no matter whether they are wood, aluminum, or something else. Thus you can either put them on top of your existing fence or you can even put a fence extension out in front. Our solutions are miscellaneous and we can get your extension installed promptly and efficiently.

One of the main advantages of having a vinyl fence extension is that you will obtain complementary security and privacy for your home or commercial business. So, fence extensions provide the optimal solution!

6-vinyl-fence-extension-styles-for- privacy

6 vinyl fence extension styles for privacy

Modern black horizontal slats

Graceful, minimalist, and sumptuous! You can never go wrong with this black steel and white vinyl combo. It’s easy to maintain and a tough fence also comes in an ordinary yet tasteful style.

Etched vinyl fence extension

Add an allusion of fancy to a rather stringent fence. The marvelous patterns of this etched vinyl fence are undoubtedly interesting.

Vinyl and wood combo

Vinyl and wood slats combo is a stunning and utilitarian fence with amazing style. It’s easy to put up, tough and you can still customize the look with paint colors.

Vinyl and stone wall

How about conjoining the ancient gabion wall with the up-to-date vinyl fence? You get a highly alluring, very modern, and truly tough fence!

Modern vinyl and concrete wall

This fence is stylish, wonderful and has an interesting design. The fortified black concrete wall is practically chipped off in the middle and installed with vertical vinyl slats. Ground-breaking style and great looking fence.

Vinyl and black iron

Affluent style and magnificent hues. This vinyl and black iron fence are full of drama and flair. Fitting for those who can’t tolerate the joint and obscure minimalism.

So, if a vinyl fence extension is what you’re looking for, Wesco Vinyl Fence Company can provide you with quality vinyl fence extensions of different styles. No fence style is beyond the experience and competence of Wesco Vinyl Fence.