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Why vinyl fencing is the hottest trend?

Recently vinyl fencing has become one of the most popular fencing materials in the U.S., taking over half of all fencing industry projects! Vinyl fencing is a maintenance-free material, that’s why it’s one of the most popular fencing materials.

Why vinyl fencing is the hottest trend?

Vinyl fencing has so many benefits over wood or metal fences.
Vinyl won’t rot or decay like wood will: it is a wonderful choice for areas where weather extremes like winds or rain. Vinyl fencing won’t succumb to termites, as in case of wood fences. There’s also no danger of rust or corrosion as with a metal or wrought iron fence. Basically, it’s a “hassle-free” material!

Vinyl is UV-resistant and won’t fade in strong sunlight. It has no toxic chemicals and is fully recyclable!

There’s no danger of cracking, which makes vinyl fencing a child-friendly alternative to a wood fence. Vinyl doesn’t require staining: it is easy to clean with soap and water. (You can even clean off graffiti with ease).

Vinyl fencing is a superb material for fencing animals. Also, vinyl fencing is available in a variety of colors. You can match it to your house.

Why-vinyl-fencing-is-the-hottest- trend

The cost of a vinyl fence is primarily higher than a wood or metal fence, but it doesn’t require painting, staining or waterproofing, you’ll save money over time.

Installing a vinyl fence will be easy for homeowners. Vinyl fences have a variety of styles, colors and can eventually go with any home and suit any taste.

Vinyl fencing is an attractive and low-maintenance addition to any property. Available in a variety of styles, its non-porous surface makes cleaning easy. It can last decades with orderly maintenance.

Vinyl fencing is best for:

  • Privacy;
  • low-cost installation;
  • durability and endurance;
  • easy cleaning and maintenance.

Vinyl is arduous to damage and can last up to 100 years with minimal maintenance. Typically performs well against harsh weather, extreme temperatures, fungus, and pests.

If you’re looking for quality vinyl fences, which are made right in the USA, and all of which are shipped direct to you and are installed, contact us!