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Pros And Cons of Different Vinyl Fence Styles

Vinyl fences have become a popular alternative to wood, metal, brick, etc. Vinyl has become one of the leading materials used both in commercial and home fences. There are endless vinyl fence ideas that have been used for backyards, patios, and gardens to provide protection, mark boundaries of the property, and keep animals and children safe as well as intruders out.

Compared to wood, vinyl fences last much longer, demand almost zero maintenance, and aren’t susceptible to dry rot, termites, or fungi. Moreover, due to its flame-retardant properties, vinyl doesn’t ignite and won’t hold fire as a wood fence does. Vinyl fences come in private, semi-private, ornamental designs, and can be intensified with metal and concrete for added strength.

With tongue-and-groove structure, interlocking fasteners, as well as post, rail, and picket styles, there are a wide variety of styles and construction methods used for vinyl fences. If you’re looking for a long partition to enclose and guard your land or a simple wall to act as a property, a vinyl fence is a wonderful option that deserves a meticulous review.

Pros and cons of different vinyl fence styles

Sleek and modern

A sleek, modern, and white vinyl fence could add both privacy and aesthetic appeal to any backyard or garden. And if you choose a hinged fence gate that provides easy access, proprietors and inhabitants can come and go with ease.

Ornate vinyl posts

An ornate vinyl fence will bring superiority and sophistication to your property with its decorative tapered posts. It draws exposure from the late Victorian era – a time when perceptible displays of wealth and regal imitation pervaded all aspects of fashion, architecture, and interior design.

Sinusoidal top

The smooth and frequent wave-like effect of this vinyl fence is created by using posts of differing heights. By gradually shortening and then lengthening the posts in a particular design, oblique crookedness is created that adds eccentricity and differentiation to an otherwise average vinyl fence.

Pros-and-cons-of-different-vinyl- fence -styles

Vinyl rail fence

In addition to backyard slat and picket fences, rail fences can also be made from vinyl. Split rail fences are commonly used in more rustic areas to mark property lines, corral livestock, and limit the movement of other domestic and nondomestic animals.

Vinyl kiddy fence

Vinyl kiddy fences are perfect for playgrounds and kid’s areas. Kiddy fences can be set up either indoors or alfresco. Although it’s too short to provide safety from gatecrashers, it is tall enough to keep your irrepressible kids from going where they’re not supposed to.

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