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Frequently Asked Questions About Vinyl Pergolas

A pergola is a shade structure similar to an alcove, but larger and more versatile. Pergolas are known as yard and garden structures, for forming seating or entertaining areas. Pergola has an open roof and tall vertical columns, which creates a space that is visually appealing. Pergolas are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a shade structure compatible with the surroundings. Let’s discuss frequently asked questions about vinyl pergolas.

Why vinyl pergolas are better?

If you’re looking for a pergola for your property, you have many materials to choose from. However, only vinyl suggests the benefit of high strength and durability without compromising on appearance. A vinyl pergola will last through a lifetime use, and its appearance will never degrade or crumble.

Vinyl pergolas are also easy to maintain. Unlike wood, vinyl pergolas don’t need to be painted or stained, and they also won’t rust or corrode as metal pergolas will. In fact, vinyl pergolas are virtually maintenance-free, making them the best choice for anyone who wants a shade structure without maintenance.

Frequently-asked-questions-about- vinyl- pergolas

Can vinyl pergolas be customized?

Vinyl pergolas will suit your exact needs and desires. Whether you want a pergola that matches the look of your home, a structure sized to fit a particular area, or any other type of customization, vinyl installers can make your wish and view reality.

Do vinyl pergolas provide shelter from rain and weather conditions?

Vinyl pergolas are excellent options for providing shade, but the roofs of pergolas are open, they can’t provide protection from rain or other precipitation. However, you can find available options to give your pergola a protective roof.

How are vinyl pergolas anchored?

Vinyl pergolas are extremely strong and durable, but they don’t stand on their own. The strength of a pergola depends on how it is secured to the ground. There are several different anchoring solutions to fit your needs. These are cementing the posts into the ground, securing them to concrete pads with brackets and bolts, or using rebar or auger-style anchors to secure it over the soil.  You can choose to install posts 3 feet in the ground with concrete or attach the posts to your existing concrete patio. How to attach the posts will depend on your situation, needs, and desire.

Do vinyl pergolas fade?

Many people consider that vinyl pergolas will fade over time. Today’s vinyl pergolas are durable. Vinyl is made with a high quantity of UV inhibitors which prevent fading and chalking.

Can I add anything to my vinyl pergola?

Many homeowners make custom additions, changes, and designs to their vinyl pergolas. You can add additional supports for a porch swing or plumbing for a plant misting system.

What is the warranty on a vinyl pergola?

Vinyl pergolas carry a lifetime warranty on materials. If you want to learn more about our warranty or learn about our vinyl products, feel free to give us a call today.