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Vinyl Fence Styles For 2020

We have already researched vinyl fence style trends 2020. Some trends are new, some are emerging. Let’s explore the wide range of vinyl fence styles and colors that you can choose from.

From total privacy fences to the classic fences are stylish in 2020. These are the most popular vinyl fence styles in 2020.

Traditional fences

Traditional fences are simple and elegant, this fence style matches almost any outdoor style. Traditional style fences can work with modern or classic decor. It’s perfect for keeping your yard safe and secure.

Picket style fences

Picket style fences will be perfect in a white hue. Picket vinyl fences are often used to create a nostalgic USA style of front yard décor. These fences look marvelous in front of old brick farmhouses or in colonial style neighborhoods.

Privacy vinyl fences

A privacy vinyl fence is practical, this style ensures total privacy. These fences look fantastic, modern fences match nicely with multiple styles of contemporary homes. Once you choose the vinyl fence style, the next step is choosing the right color.

Vinyl -fence- styles- for- 2020

Dark fence colors

Darker fence colors such as navy blue, dark gray, dark green, and black are trendy in 2020. Dark hues allow design elements, furniture, and landscape to stand out. They overwhelm the landscape, blend into the background and offer a marvelous appearance. Dark tints also have a practical advantage – the fence doesn’t need to be cleaned often.

Vinyl is usually white. Now, homeowners have an opportunity to choose from a variety of bold vinyl fence colors.

Whether you like the classic white or bold hues, you’ll find it in Wesco Vinyl Fence. Here are some of the most popular vinyl fence colors for 2020:


White vinyl looks perfect with both dark and light-colored houses. White fences will attract some dirt over time, so you’ll have to hose them off once a year.


Tan fencing goes with anything, tan looks fantastic, as well as provides a contract to the grey-colored siding.


Gray is a stylish vinyl fence color for 2020, gray fencing will become a trendy choice for homeowners who like to stand out. A gray fence panel is an excellent complement to white vinyl siding. Gray panels are often used alongside white posts and frames for a multi-dimensional style.

Wood Grain

 If you like rustic style, wood grain is the vinyl fence color you will like. A wood grain exterior will give your property the look of natural lumber with all of the maintenance-free upsides of vinyl fencing.

If you’re planning to install a modern vinyl fence and you don’t find it here, we can recommend a perfect alternative.