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4 types of vinyl gates for every property

A vinyl gate is an irreplaceable attribute of any private property, only different functions are sometimes appointed to it. Rather, a marvelous gate is created to tell us that extraordinary, dexterous people with a certain wealth and position in society live behind it.

When considering the purchase of a vinyl gate, one of the biggest troubles of most purchasers is the size of the gate or gates they should purchase.
There are plenty of design options accessible to you. Your gate can make a daring statement, fade unobtrusively into the background, or become one with your landscape: all that really matters is that it’s built and installed by a hardy professional.

Gate designs vary almost as much as fence designs, which can be a little stunning at times. Luckily, fence professionals are proficient in all aspects of the fence design and installation process, including gates. If you’re ready to learn more about the gate design and construction process, keep reading!

Vinyl Picket Fence Mar Vista, Los Angeles

Standard Gates

Standard vinyl gate as a single-door gate designed to accept people. Here are some common guidelines for having a standard vinyl gate installed:

  • The gate and the fence should be the same height.
  • The gate should be folded diagonally to keep it from whipping and buckling.

Swing gates

Swing gates open inwards or outwards in a single or double-door construction. This style of gate is easier to install and usually costs less than other specialty vinyl gates. Because of their comparatively open design, swing gates are only efficacious at precluding vehicles from entering your property.

Sliding vinyl gates

The main advantage of this design is that no space required for opening the gate. However, there are also disadvantages:

  • the complexity of installation;
  • the need for more care due to the heavy load on small parts.

Automatic system

For those owners of private houses who are fans of commodity and comfort, such a modern solution as the entrance gate with the automatic system will be appropriate. They are equipped with an electric drive and operate in automatic mode. All is needed for the vinyl gate with the automatic system is an electric motor of comparably low power and ordinary electronics.