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4 ways to decorate your outdoor vinyl patio

No matter how beautiful your outdoor vinyl patio, over time it will lose its attractiveness, and so that the vinyl patio does not cease to please you, it will have to be decorated. This can be done in different ways. Let’s find out commonly used options:

  • Painting;
  • Decorating it with flowers;
  • Partial modernization;
  • Decoration with improvised materials.

It is possible to plant decorative plants along with a vinyl patio from a subspecies of climbing: ivy, clematis, climbing rose, etc. will do. Choose the subspecies that best suit your climate.

You can also paint the vinyl patio. If you approach the matter with enthusiasm and imagination, the result will be unsurpassed. Children can also take part in the painting of the patio. You can decorate each fencing plank with funny pictures. Just rainbow stains will look fun.


You can decorate the vinyl patio with marvelous murals. Volumetric drawings also look great. Here, in addition to landscapes, graffiti can also be used.

Conventional plastic bottles will surely restore the beauty of the patio. Entire panels can be created from them or simple flowerpots can be cut out into which luxurious flowers are planted. The latter can be hung in a certain pattern or randomly.

You can make bright flowers from the bottoms of the bottles themselves. Such decor will also add picturesqueness to the vinyl patio.

Want to turn your patio into a masterpiece without spending money updating it? No problem! Look for defects in the fence. Decorate your vinyl patio with stained glass or decorative pebbles. The patio will sparkle in the sun with precious tints. Use unnecessary CDs in the fencing decor, you can give an original look and paint them in a variety of colors with a little effort.

And how amazing it will look a vinyl patio, the elements of which will be bottle caps! You will meet such beautiful fencing extremely rarely, and most likely never because the plot you have laid out will be unique and inimitable. You need to fix the panel elements with self-tapping screws or with waterproof glue, then the masterpiece will last for years.

An excellent solution would be the restoration of the surface of the patio using mosaics. No need to think about expensive industrial options. Do the mosaic yourself. You can use broken porcelain, ceramic tiles, glass, a mirror, or river pebbles.

If you are not creative and do not have time to do crafts, hide the ugliness of your vinyl patio behind a strip of decorative trees. The main thing is not to forget to water and trim them later, maintaining the original form.