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Create your very own American dream with these white picket fence ideas

Brainstorming white picket fence ideas for your house can be a difficult task.  Here are a few tips for white picket fence designs. Create your very own American dream with these white picket fence ideas!

Standard white picket fence

The white picket fence is portrayed all over Hollywood, and it’s about 3-6 feet tall with approximately 3.5 inches of space between pickets. It’s a good fence to keep safe your kids and pets.

Here are some well-known styles that will give your picket fence a distinctive, extravagant look: gothic, which looks like a bloated pyramid on a platform and New England, slightly elevated above the top of the post with a flat surface.

Curved white picket fence

A curved picket design will give a wavy look to your white picket fence. The curved category actually has several subcategories.

Convex picket fence designs will have the vinyl peak in height between the posts. Scallop picket fence designs will put the focal point on the posts while the vinyl dips toward the center.

Double white picket fence

If you want more protection, choose double picket. It has a subtle sophistication, which combines convex and concave designs.


A white picket fence is a timeless feature. Even when it loses its primary glossy white look, it will still feel just as amazing as ever, giving the home’s outdoors a traditional appeal!

For a classic suburban home, a white fence is almost a necessity! It has a sumptuous design that will look cool!

 The classic picket fence gives the house a domestic feeling, it has a catching appeal! A white picket fence is very versatile. It’s an amazing addition to a rural, countryside home that is surrounded by nature.

A home with a dark exterior will beautifully contrast the white fence. If you want the colorfulness of your house to be seen from miles away, a white picket fence is an unerring way!

Whether, it’s a small townhome, luxury house, retro or old-fashioned, little, and with the dark exterior, modern house or red brick house, a house in a conservative style, or classic suburban property, white picket fence will be the right design solution.

If you are feeling disconcerted which style of white picket fence to choose, start with Wesco Vinyl Fence Company. We suggest different styles to create your very own American dream with these white picket fence ideas!